Maine’s Professional Certification Program in Economic Development

The Economic Development Council of Maine launched this program in 1998 in cooperation with the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development. The purpose was to build capacity throughout the state not only for economic development practitioners but also for elected and non-elected community leaders.

In today’s global business environment, Maine’s economic development professionals are faced with numerous demands from businesses. In order to stay competitive with other states and countries, Maine must have a cadre of highly qualified practitioners at the state, regional and local level to rapidly and effectively address businesses needs.   The realities of today’s economic environment require practitioners to be nimble, quick and highly responsive, as well as having a strong base knowledge in a number of disciplines.
The Maine Economic Development Certification Program is designed to provide the practitioner with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively conduct economic development in Maine. This program is a MUST for economic development professional, town managers, town planners, local elected officials, loan officers, utility representatives and real estate professionals.

Two accredited colleges, Thomas College in Waterville and Husson College in Bangor, offer MBA programs and they recognize completion of the 88 hours as satisfying the 6 hours of electives required in their MBA curriculum.

Certification Requirements:

A total of 88 hours are required for a Certificate of Completion. These hours must include the Basic EDC (NEEDC, 32 hours), 32 hours of other core courses, plus 24 hours, which can be a combination of core courses and electives.

Core Courses

  • Basic Economic Development Course (NEEDC)- 32 hours
  • Understanding and Analyzing Business Plan- 8 hours
  • Understanding & Packaging State/Federal Incentive Program- 8 hours
  • Prospect Management- 8 hours
  • Workforce Development- 8 hours
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship- 8 hours
  • Successful Business Retention & Expansion- 8 hours

For Course Descriptions please contact us at edcmaine@roadrunner.com


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