Thanks to everyone who joined us on July 15 for an engaging and enjoyable day of conversation, networking, tours, and delicious food!  Stay tuned for announcements of future EDCM events!


January 2016
Here are the presentation materials from our Legislative Update meeting in January.
Presentation by Yellow Breen
Legislative update from Sen. Andre Cushing

November 2015
Thanks to everyone who attended the November meeting in Lewiston!  Some have expressed interest in Jess Knox’s presentation.  You can find it here.

The Economic Development Council of Maine was founded to develop a dialogue between individuals and organizations that are committed to economic development. Founded in 1956 as the Industrial Development Council of Maine, the statewide organization became incorporated and recognized as a non-profit association in 1990. A board of directors is elected annually by our members and the association is governed by adopted by-laws.

EDCM also encourages networking and advocacy between its members as we host a variety of meetings to provide opportunities to meet and interact with individuals involved in statewide economic development.

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