September 2015

To Economic Development and Associated Professionals in Maine:

The Economic Development Council of Maine is embarking on new changes and new directions.  These changes have been the subject of a Board of Directors last year and have resulted in, what we have been told by those in attendance, our recent Program Meetings.

We have more work and changes ahead. We will be seeking a new Executive Director or Manager of our affairs over the balance of this year.

We will continue to focus on our three primary goals.

1.  Provide high quality, relevant programs and an annual conference

2. Redesign Certificate of Advanced Education to provide high quality education to the field.

3. Rebrand and reposition EDCM to be a sustainable, pertinent and go-to organization for Maine Economic Development professionals.

EDCM has a long and valuable history of providing quality programming and networking opportunities for those engaged and interested in economic development in Maine.  We intend to continue and build upon that history.

We will be redesigning this web site in the near future as well—to streamline and make modern the delivery of information valuable to our members.

Please join us on November 17 for our Annual Business Meeting and Program:

Creative Places, Creative Financing, Creative Projects
Keynote Speaker, Jess Knox. Maine Start up and Create Week and Fostering Creative Places & Enterprises



John Holden
President, Board of Directors
Economic Development Council of Maine
Community Economic Development Director
Rockland, Maine


The Economic Development Council of Maine was founded to develop a dialogue between individuals and organizations that are committed to economic development. Founded in 1956 as the Industrial Development Council of Maine, the statewide organization became incorporated and recognized as a non-profit association in 1990. A board of directors is elected annually by our members and the association is governed by adopted by-laws.

EDCM also encourages networking and advocacy between its members as we host a variety of meetings to provide opportunities to meet and interact with individuals involved in statewide economic development.

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